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    My company is located in Shandong province Weifang city in the jade mountain,Weihe River, was founded in 1985. The development history of more than 20 years. In the 20 years of the process, by hundreds of domestic and international customersupport, care, has developed into an annual output of 30000 tons of bentonite powder of medium-sized enterprises. The main products are: drilling bentonite,directional through soil, OCMA soil, high clay, sodium, calcium clay artificial soil powder powder, composite soil, soil, soil, feed medicine with low viscosity castingsmelting soil powder, powder etc.. Widely used in drilling, smelting, casting, building,chemical industry, medicine and so on. The products are sold to Britain, France,Japan, USA, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Pakistan, Sudan, Kuwait, Iraq,Vietnam, Hongkong, Taiwan and other countries and regions, in the home also hasnearly hundreds of new and old customers. Now and calcareous sodic soil powder product quality of our factory have reached the international API and OCMA. Populardomestic and foreign customers welcome and trust.

    Our company is rich of bentonite, zeolite powder, red, yellow, white, green type. By the national Ministry of Geology and mineral exploration identified reserves amounted to eighty million tons. On this basis, the Ministry of Geology and mineral resources ofChinese mud company, Exploration Engineering Institute in 1985 with my factory co founded China's first artificial sodium soil base. Artificial sodium soil that same yearthe production of quality products Award won the State Economic commission. In 1988 won the international API association membership certificate. In 1991 won the Ministry,provincial, Beijing International Expo Gold award.

    My company's existing fixed assets of 2800000 yuan, covers an area of sixty-four thousand square meters. The staff 180 people, senior engineer 2 people, engineersand technical personnel 6 people, 18 people. Exquisite technology, advanced equipment, and with the mining, processing, shipping one-stop system. Is our country development of bentonite is one of the oldest manufacturers. In order to further for the domestic and foreign new old customers quality service, I plant adhere tocustomer first, reputation first, quality first, the purpose of the first services. The implementation of three bags of users, so that customer satisfaction assured.Sincerely urge customers at home and abroad to our factory for information,investment and technology, capital, investment and talent. To make our factorydeveloped into a large enterprise. For domestic and foreign drilling, casting,metallurgy, chemical industry, architecture, medicine and make greater contribution to the cause. Manager and all employees warmly welcome new and old customers home and abroad to visit.

    Company website: http://www.huixinprt.com