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Treatment effect of bentonite of polluted water

2014/8/22      view:

      China's water pollution is serious, widespread in every industry, especially the printing and dyeing wastewater in China is particularly serious, so for the wastewater treatment of Bentonite How to play the role? Bentonite and sewage treatment function? We are here to find out.

      Printing and dyeing wastewater mainly refers to the cotton, wool, chemical fiber textileproducts in the waste water discharge pretreatment, dyeing, printing and finishing process. The waste water is different from our family beat Waste water, their composition is complex, with aromatic and heterocyclic compoundsas the main material matrix, and with a harmful chemical related. Containing more dye molecules With the water molecules form hydrogen bonds - SO3H, - COOH, - OH groups such asreactive dyes and neutral dyes, dye molecules can be dissolved in waste watercontaining no or less - SO3H, COOH, OH and other hydrophilic groups of dye molecules with hydrophobicparticles exist in the form of waste water containing a small amount of hydrophilic groups; but the large molecular weight or completely free

The dye molecules and hydrophilic group, in the water often exist in a colloidal form.This once into the water, is self-evident harm to us.

       As for the printing and dyeing wastewater in a series of symptoms, with the characteristics of bentonite are combined, is very suitable for the. Adsorption andbonding can use bentonite completely Characteristics to achieve such a purpose for sewage treatment. From: