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What is the effect of bentonite in the planting of flowers?

2018/3/4      view:
Bentonite has a wide range of functions, has become a universal soil, and has been widely known as the universal soil. Its reputation is mainly derived from the advantages of its abundant ionic components, which is incomparable to other minerals in terms of cost performance. Today, we will give a brief and detailed description of whether he can use flowers to grow and what effect they can play. We all know that he is the master of metallurgy, casting, crossing and mud, and what role does he play in this respect?
We've talked about on the bentonite can improve soil topic, yes, he used in flower cultivation in the main effect is also here, is that you can improve the long-term repeated planting of flowers, lack of soil nutrients, soil nutrients had the flowers lack of bentonite, can make it to restore the original adequate level. However, due to the different soil composition needed for each flower, we need to specify whether calcium base bentonite or sodium bentonite should be customized according to the different components needed. At the same time, each type of bentonite has different amount of addition because of its different grinding fineness. For example, the purpose of adding 200 and the purpose of adding 325 are totally different. Therefore, specific problems need to be analyzed.

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